At Southend News Network, we are incredibly disappointed to learn that Facebook has decided to classify us as some sort of FAR-RIGHT HATE WEBSITE.

Regular readers will know that there have been some funny shenanigans with Facebook and their approach to the page over the last month or two, and the annoying thing is that we’ve not quite been able to put our finger on the reason why so many of our fans and other people are not seeing our posts. 

Within the last 48 hours, a number of people have contacted us with evidence that the page of Britain First’s deputy leader Jayda Fransen is appearing under our content as some sort of ‘related’ or ‘suggested’ content. We’re going to say it – this is f*cking sick. 

Just spend a few seconds on Google and you will see that Jayda has a long and proud history of inflammatory and upsetting actions towards Muslim people, and we definitely don’t need to point out the disgusting ongoing actions of Britain First as an organisation. 

Although it isn’t clear how Facebook has come to this conclusion or if this approach has any sort of link to our recent decline in Facebook reach,  it goes without saying that it is total bullsh*t.  

We have had many success stories in the past where our stories have actually highlighted the utter stupidity of many far-right organisations with multiple shares on high-profile pages – mathematically fundamentalist hot cross buns, beach bikinis and outrage over High Easter to name a few. 

From my own personal perspective as the Chief Reporter, the mentality that Jayda represents is the very same mentality that makes it so difficult to trace a whole chunk of my family tree from 1940’s Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe. Sound familiar?

If you also think that this link is ridiculous, please feel free to contact Facebook and tell them – we will be doing so and we hope that someone over there decides to read this story as well.