Will you choose the £9.99 or £19.99 option when Facebook introduces a SUBSCRIPTION FEE in May 2016?

Users of Facebook have expressed their anger after it was announced that the social media network will introduce a £9.99 monthly subscription fee from May 2016. According to Facebook bosses, the fee will be ‘100% necessary’ as regular users are getting fed up with sponsored advertising, and there will also be a £19.99 Facebook Plus option which will come with a whole host of benefits. However, a number of existing Facebook account holders have branded the decision as ‘disgraceful.’

In the weeks leading up to 1st May 2016, all Facebook users will be presented with a notification asking for payment details – account holders will be able to pay the monthly fee by debit card, credit card or PayPal. Any users who choose not to take up the subscription will be allowed to remain on the service on their Facebook Lite tariff, but users on this free option will be restricted to a maximum of 30 minutes per day. Once the charging becomes active, Facebook bosses have promised that account holders will see roughly 5% less advertising on an annual basis, and they have also promised that the fee will discourage members who just want to post ‘random, waffling garbage about how upset they are feeling without giving any actual details just in case they upset anyone.’

People who choose the £19.99 Facebook Plus option will have their posts automatically placed at the top of their friends’ news feeds, and they will also be given one ‘superpost’ per week – this is a Facebook post that cannot be scrolled past as it sticks on the user’s screen for 90 seconds, a feature that Facebook insists will be perfect for posting inspirational weight-loss updates and urgent images of tablets that are being hidden in sausages to poison dogs. The premium offering will also offer subscribers other benefits, such as automatic number plate recognition with full DVLA registration details on display when posting an image of a vehicle that has ‘cut you up’ or ‘driven aggressively.’

We asked Facebook for a comment about the new charges, and a spokesperson commented: ‘Both of these subscription packages offer fantastic value for money, and we are pleased to confirm that Facebook Plus users will also be given full access to other users’ images – this is a really handy feature when people set their privacy levels to ‘Friends Only’ for those super holiday snaps.’



  1. Forget it!

    I’m still not going to join Facebook even if they do want to pay me £9.99 /month.

  2. An absolute disgrace. Who cares about adverts, you just take them off if you don’t like them. They certainly won’t be getting £9.99 off me.