A spokesperson for the Crown Prosecution Service has warned the general public to be careful when posting on social media about ongoing court cases after a 12-week old kitten from Southend was arrested and charged with contempt of cat. 

We are unable to name the kitten for legal reasons, but it has been confirmed that he will spend 28 days in prison are he made comments on Facebook that compromised an ongoing court case. 

The statement read: ‘We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone on Facebook that it is a criminal offence to post anything that could have an adverse effect on an ongoing court case.’

‘In this instance, a kitten has quite innocently posted that a dangerous dog should be ‘put to sleep with a large mallet,’ however the dog in question was on trial at the time and his comments could have influenced a member of the jury.’

This incident was the latest in a long line of social media posts that have had the potential to lead to a mistrial. 

In August 2016, a defendant called Tiddles Tiddlington was convicted of purrjury after he admitted lying in court following his verdict of ‘not guilty’ for charges of assault and cattery. 

Similar circumstances in the same month led to a katnipping case being thrown out of court.