The message that raised the alarm - names withheld for legal reasons.

Facebook and police officials have launched an urgent investigation after a 24-year-old girl from Southchurch posted on her wall about being ‘sad’ AND actually giving the details about why she was feeling that way. The alarm was originally raised by family and friends of the girl, and her home was visited by local detectives shortly afterwards.

Det. Ins. Clive Waffler, of Southchurch CID, spoke to a Southend News Network reporter. He said: ‘We are not in a position to release the girl’s name at this time due to concerns over her own safety, but our attention was drawn to a Facebook post saying that she was ‘sad.’ While this wouldn’t normally raise any alarms, she then continued to actually give specific details about why she had this feeling of sadness, and we were immediately concerned over this individual’s complete lack of attention-seeking behaviour. Our message is simple – specific details should always be saved for private messages, real-life, or in the majority of cases they should be kept private altogether to encourage multiple replies from people like ‘why hun’ and ‘thinkin of u rite now although I hv know idea y.’

A spokesperson from Facebook has now confirmed that her account has been suspected due to this shocking behaviour, although they were willing to comment any further at this time.

A Southend News Network reporter has managed to find a copy of the post in question, and we have withheld her name for legal reasons.