A joint statement from Essex, Kent, Surrey, Hertfordshire and Thames Valley police forces has confirmed that an 84-year-old motorist has been missing in heavy fog on the M25 for nine hours. 

According to her distraught family, Mavis Magugan called her daughter Emily shortly after 12pm on Saturday to say that the fog was making it impossible to see Junction 31 for the A13 to Southend. 

It is believed that she has already completed at least four complete circuits of the motorway and racked up £10 in Dartford Crossing fees. 

A police spokesperson said: ‘According to limited phone contact that we have had with Mrs Magugan, she has only been able to make out the outside lane in front of her – the heavy fog has made it impossible to see any exit signs.’

‘Fortunately, she has apparently been able to maintain a steady 52 mph in her Vauxhall Corsa, and our traffic officers estimate that she will have around an hour of fuel remaining as it stands.’

‘We have told her to try and come across gradually until she reaches the hard shoulder, but she has told us that ‘irate BMW drivers’ are making this very difficult.’

‘We have more than 100 officers and three helicopters trying to locate her, but it may be too late if she runs out of fuel and gets horrifically rear-ended. Especially at her age.’

‘A 999 operator has been trying to get her to pull into a service station where officers will be able to provide her with immediate attention, but she has repeatedly stated that she refuses to pay £2.85 for a regular cup of tea.’

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