Our blatantly made-up story from 2016 about Southend beaches banning bikinis for ‘cultural reasons’ seems to kick-off again every month or so – mainly because there are enough racist morons out there to actually believe that there could be a spokesperson for diversity called Diane Verss.

Take a look at the original spoof article here.

It now seems that Canada First, who seem to share a lot of values with their British namesakes, have also taken the bait and shared it with their 90,000+ Facebook followers.

As long as they don’t take it down, the post is here.

In a desperate attempt to use our content to get lots of clicks on their own adverts, they have linked to another version of the original Southend News Network story on a third-party website with a link.

We would get the hump with them about it, but we’re too busy laughing at the inevitably outraged comments.

To be fair, there were a couple of other little red herrings in the story as well.

For example, how about Petunia Clematis-Hydrangea of the Southend Humanitarian Equality Liberation Foundation (SHELF).