A spokesperson for the BBC has confirmed that a security breach is now ‘under control’ after a group of far-right protestors stormed into Broadcasting House in Shepherd’s Bush demanding to know what Rastamouse is doing about ISIS. 

Shortly after 3pm on Thursday afternoon, five members of the group Are England For Ours managed to gain access to the main building and reached the entrance to the CBeebies studio.

The leader of the group was heard shouting to a receptionist and ordering her to ‘go and fetch Rastamouse’ as a matter of urgency.

A witness said: ‘The skinheaded leader of the gang of men was overheard saying that as a prominent member of the Islamic faith in Britain, it was only right to find out what he intends to do in the fight against Islamic fundamentalism.’

‘When a security guard informed him that Rastamouse was neither a Muslim nor an actual real-life talking rodent, he got even more irritated.’

‘Another member of staff pointed out that his red headgear was actually a Rastafarian hat and not, as he put it, ‘a fabulous and elaborate Taqiyah.’

‘He then turned to another member of the gang and said ‘what about that geezer who drove the forklift in Bertha?’

‘By this time the police had already arrived and escorted the group off the premises.’

‘There was a brief skirmish while one of them was trying to determine Makkapakka’s ethnic background and the fact that he isn’t speaking in Arabic, but order was restored within a few minutes.’