24-year-old Instagram fitness model Kerrie Bapzoot has shared a ‘real selfie’ that is now going viral because it shows just how much on Instagram is faked or edited.

She spoke to our Chief Reporter after the side-by-side image was shared over 100,000 times in 24 hours.

She said: ‘I took the photo as I decided that it was time for the whole world to see that so much on Instagram isn’t as perfect as it first seems.’

‘What you see on the left is me with all of my hair immaculately styled, my make up carefully applied, and then a number of different filters and editing tools to give them impression that I am some sort of ultra-fuckable MILF.’

‘However, the photo on the right is a selfie that I took early on a Monday morning before my regular waxing session – I want the whole world to see the ‘reality’ behind the ‘perfect’ photos that you all see out there.’

‘This is all about empowering women and promoting a positive body image for everyone, or some shit like that.’

‘Most other fitness models would be too scared to share the reality of the situation, but I want to be remembered for having the bravery to speak out.’

‘I think that male expectations have driven us to act like this. I wouldn’t spend 95% of my time posting inspirational quotes with the caption ‘this’ if men didn’t put so much pressure on me to be beautiful.’

We showed the image to a number of male scaffolding workers on Southend Seafront to see if the experiment had worked.

Charlie Flidd, 35 said: ‘It’s a real eye opener. To be fair to the girl, the photo on the left is just stunning and I would definitely add it to my database of approved bash literature.’

‘However, the real selfie has really opened my eyes to the reality of the fitness and social media promotion world. I’ll probably store that photo as well, but purely for comparison and research purposes.’

Mr Flidd then made a number of other incomprehensible comments that we are unable to print due to him being from Basildon.