A pair of friends from Southend have found a GENIUS way of getting around the ban on 10-packs of cigarettes being sold that is due to be imposed at midnight on 21st May. 

Adam Thomas and Michelle Puffberry, both 22, have found that if they put their money together and then use that sum total to buy a 20-pack of Silk Cut, they can then take ten cigarettes each from the packet and smoke them at their leisure.

Speaking to our Chief Reporter, Adam said: ‘When we heard that the ban was about to be introduced, we thought long and hard about a way to try and beat the system.’

‘All of a sudden, it came to us while we were sharing a BLT on wholemeal from Greggs.’

‘We purchased one sandwich and took half each, when we just looked at each other and realised that we could do the same with a 20-pack of cigarettes.’

‘This system even works with four-finger Kit-Kats too.’

A fan of e-cigarettes contacted us to say that they had figured out a way of dealing with the ban on sales of the large bottles of vape juice.

James Le Fumeur said: ‘To get around the new restrictions on e-cigarettes, I will simply change back to regular Benson and Hedges so that I stop looking like a nob with my baseball bat-sized vape device.’

‘It’s a shame as it used to flash in a range of colours and strobe effects and create smoke formations while bellowing out 27 different national anthems from around the world just in case people weren’t aware that I was a practicing vapist.’