A 23-year-old girl from Southend posed with an incredibly hungry homeless man for twelve minutes before handing over a sandwich earlier this evening.

Shortly after 7.30pm, clothing store assistant Michelle Garridge spotted the rough sleeper sitting on the pavement outside the boarded-up post office, and this allegedly ‘moved her deeply’ and prompted her to walk to Sainsbury’s and purchase a chicken club on wholemeal for the individual.

A witness said: ‘As she approached the man, she greeted him and asked him if he was hungry before offering him the sandwich.’

‘Before she handed it to him, she asked her friend to take some photos of her with the man and the sandwich, but after looking at them on the 256GB iPhone X she deleted them because she didn’t think she was showing enough cleavage.’

‘I’m pretty sure that I heard her say that her eye shadow was a bit off as well.’

‘It took another four minutes to get some shots that she liked, before she then asked him for some suggestions about relevant hashtags and whether or not he believed that it would be the kind of thing that would work well on LinkedIn.’

Around ten minutes after the handover took place and the girl had left to walk towards the seafront, it was reported that she returned to collect the uneaten remainder of the sandwich after the photo only got three likes on Facebook.

We caught up with Ms Garridge a short time ago, and she told our Chief Reporter that she is now ‘bang out of ideas’ to get her follower count up.

She added: ‘Are there any disadvantaged kids out there who need a kidney? I could easily just find a child and use the yellow filter on Snapchat to big it up.’