A girl from Southend with absolutely gigantic boobs and 500,000 Facebook followers has been describing her shock after she posted a bikini photo on Facebook and someone shared it.

Melanie Mammington, a 19-year-old undergraduate in Nuclear Hair and Nails Studies at the University of Southend, took the photo of her enormous assets on Monday, and posted it with the caption ‘I bet nobody will share this.’

Within ten minutes, the image had reached more than 250,000 Facebook users, and in a shocking development it had been shared more than 50,000 times.

Speaking to our Chief Reporter while getting her spray tan upgraded from ‘Tango’ to ‘Ronseal,’ Ms Mammington said that she was in a state of shock.

She added: ‘I can’t believe how well my photo has done on Facebook. I never expected anybody to share it, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.’

‘I only decided to join social media a few months ago to try and raise money for vital lip surgery – my mouth is currently paralysed in a permanent duck pout due to a spasm I suffered in December.’

‘I don’t really like all of the attention that I get on Facebook. The thought of some dirty old man pleasuring himself to one of the 15,000 pictures that I have posted really upsets me.’

We asked Ms Mammington if she thought that her social media fame could be put to more productive use.

She replied: ‘I have been thinking about using my Facebook reach to communicate inspirational memes to the whole world. Nobody does that yet, do they?’