A woman from Southend On Sea has turned down her boyfriend’s offer of a single Malteser from a fun-size bag this afternoon because she is dieting today. 

Shortly before 3pm on Sunday, Shanell Hunnicomb’s boyfriend Darren Jackett asked if she would like one of the biscuit-covered chocolate balls from his packet, she she has been explaining her decision to Southend News Network. 

She said: ‘I have a girls holiday to Magaluf in April, and I want to look fabulous in a bikini over there. Anyway, I only treat myself on Wednesday evenings during Corrie, and next Wednesday I have a whole box of Milk Tray that I am looking forward to.’

‘I’m being really good today and that unplanned Malteser could make me fat.’

We asked Shanell about her current diet and what she is doing to lose the pounds. 

She said: ‘I am currently following the Six-On-One-Off plan where you eat sensible, managed portions for most of the week and have one day in seven to literally go batshit crazy.’

‘You have to treat yourself every now and again.’

Boyfriend Darren said that he is trying to support her, and he told our Chief Reporter that he is trying hard to stay in shape as well. 

He added: ‘Although I don’t get the time to go to the gym, I eat four portions of chicken per day and drink three protein shakes to build muscle.’

‘I am around 19 stone which is OK as muscle weighs a lot more than fat.’