In May 2016, we posted a ‘news story’ about bikinis being banned from beaches in Southend for ‘cultural reasons’ in an attempt to enrage the knuckle-dragging far right of society – Mr ‘EDL’ himself Tommy Robinson shared it after all. 

It had a fantastic response, but unfortunately it now seems that a ‘legitimate’ Jewish news network with more than 1.5m Facebook followers has decided to copy a huge chunk of the article and change the title to encourage even more anti-Muslim sentiments

Jews News describes itself as ‘The world’s largest and most active Jewish Facebook page,’ so either they must either be really f*cking sneaky or really f*cking stupid!

They have a whole section dedicated to coverage of anti-semitism, and yet they are more than happy to take a blatantly-fake news story and promote it to millions of people to promote hatred against Muslims. 

You couldn’t make it up, although we might be able to!

It’s a real eye-opener. Everyone is pretty much used to groups like the English Defence League and Britain First adopting this tactic, but we now seem to be moving into even more dangerous territory.