A spokesperson for rail operator Greater Anglia has confirmed that extra trains will be run over the winter of 2016/2017 to make up for services that have been cancelled in the last two days. 

As temperatures have crept above 30 degrees Celcius, the extreme heat has led to speed restrictions and cancelled services with worries about tracks buckling under the weight of trains. 

GA spokesperson Monty Shenfield said: ‘We appreciate that the heat-related cancellations have led to a significant amount of frustration on Tuesday and Wednesday.’

‘Therefore, to try and make up for this summer disruption, we are going to add lots of extra services into the winter schedule.’

We asked how this would be achieved, given that the lines are already congested in normal train operating conditions.

He said: ‘When the lines are very hot and the metal expands, trains have to run at a slower speed. However, when the weather is really cold, trains just glide along nicely.’

‘Once things turn really frosty in December, January and February, the icy lines will get extra slippery – this will mean that we can run trains at speeds of up to 105 mph.’

‘With trains passing through the system even faster than usual, we will have the extra capacity for these additional winter services, and customers will not see an increase in fares.’

‘Additionally, we have had a lot of feedback from travellers to say that services are unbearably hot and stuffy in peak periods.’

‘Therefore, we are installing angular glazing valves to ensure that all of our train windows can open by an extra 2 cm – this will increase carriage airflow by 3% when the train is moving.’