A spokesperson for Greater Anglia has confirmed that the company’s social media team will be filming a very special version of the MANNEQUIN CHALLENGE with a ‘station full of trains’ at Liverpool Street during rush hour this evening.

According to Pedro Nutzak, the firm’s head of social media engagement, the publicity stunt will involve keeping all of the operator’s trains at a complete standstill between the hours of 1630 and 2100 on Tuesday while an employee covers the whole station with a selfie stick and an iPhone 7 Plus.

Speaking to our Chief Reporter, Mr Nutzak said that this would be the perfect time to get involved with the latest online craze.

He added: ‘We will be reaching out to our customers in a whole new way with this video, and it is a massive undertaking for me and my team. We will basically be filling every spare platform with one of our many, many trains and then keeping them perfectly still until filming is finished at around 9pm.’

‘It is a clear message that we are prepared to embrace social media for the benefit of our customers, and everyone can engage with us in real time during the event by using the hashtag #GAMannequinChallenge on Facebook and Twitter.’

We asked their rival train operator c2c if there were any plans in place to respond to this publicity, and a spokesperson told our Chief Reporter that there are some ‘big plans’ in place for the Fenchurch Street to Southend service.

He said: ‘We have discussed filming the Mannequin Challenge with trains, and after a lot of consideration we decided that it simply wouldn’t be feasible.’

‘Therefore, we have decided to record a version of the ‘Barking Shake’ later today. Our camera team will be at Barking to watch hundreds of people get on for Upminster because the thought of using the District Line makes them die inside.’

‘We will then get lots of close-ups of everyone in the train asphyxiating while they are forced to listen to some berk in the Quiet Zone screaming into his mobile about how he is going to blow his ‘inadequate’ annual bonus on Bollinger, blow and bitches.’