An artist's impression of how Hadleigh Castle will be revolutionised by the new resort development.

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Historians and local campaigners alike have reacted with UPROAR after it was announced Hadleigh Castle is set to be rebuilt and developed into a major tourist attraction and 400+ room hotel that will ‘put both the castle and the town of Hadleigh onto the world map.’ Within the last 48 hours, the castle site has been sold to a Hong Kong-based consortium of businessmen for an undisclosed amount, and this group of experienced investors in tourism have promised local residents that they will have a castle ‘to be proud of.’

A spokesperson from RingRing Equity Cashings Corp. contacted Southend News Network to give more details about the new and improved Hadleigh Castle. He said: ‘We are going to be investing £700m in this famous and iconic piece of the South Essex countryside, creating the all-new Hadleigh Castle as a 432-room luxury hotel and leisure resort. Three different gourmet restaurants are planned, along with a ‘micro mall’ of premium shopping brands that will appeal to day visitors from nearby Leigh On Sea, and it will even have its own railway station on the neighbouring c2c railway line that is linked to the resort by monorail – this is going to be something that is very special indeed!’

He added: ‘We understand why a small group of local customers will be upset about the town losing a key part of its heritage, but we are being incredibly sensitive to their concerns by making sure that the name doesn’t change – Hadleigh Castle will always be Hadleigh Castle in our hearts.’

Leigh On Sea restaurant guru and self-declared ‘voice of the people’ Leviathan Montrose-Nash welcomed the announcement. He said: ‘Leigh On Sea is gradually running out of space for luxury, high-end tourism and retail developments like this, and so as local businesspeople we are delighted that Hadleigh Castle is going to be redeveloped in this way. Our town has a long and proud history of crumbling buildings that never really have anything done to them anyway, so it is incredibly exciting that Hadleigh Castle is going to be developed into a luxury hotel and spa resort.’

We asked Mr Montrose-Nash if he felt ‘sorry’ for all of the people who feel that the castle should be left in its current state as an irreplaceable teaching tool about history. He said: ‘People need to remember that at the moment, Hadleigh Castle is just a crumbling pile of bricks – some parts of the castle must be like 6o or 70 years old by now. To ensure that the castle adds cultural and historical value to the area for many generations to come, the reality is that this development needs to go ahead.’