Why not have a go at making these medium-rare chicken strips at home with our exclusive recipe from the top Essex chef Sam O’Nella?

The Irishman has been running Sheetouts Eaterie in London Road Southend for a number of years, and his signature dish that always gets people talking is this delicately cooked masterpiece served with sweet potato fries.

He told Southend News Network that it was time to give something back to the people of Southend and let them have a go at making his ‘pride and joy’ at home.

He said: ‘The recipe is pretty simple actually. While most chicken recipes involve cooking pieces of chicken breast until the pink colouring has gone from the middle of the meat, for my classic dish you want to stop when there is more of a medium-rare appearance.’

‘You know that you have got it spot on when the meat has a chewy texture – you almost feel like some sort of caveman when you first bite into it.’

‘The fully cooked exterior complements the rough and rustic centre perfectly. It’s a taste experience that you won’t forget for the days and weeks to come afterwards.’

We asked Sam if this particular dish is taking on the traditional medium-rare giants of lamb and beef.

He said: ‘This way of cooking chicken has never been particularly popular, but I think that it will be coming into fashion very soon.’

‘Beef and lamb are both excellent candidates for medium-rare cooking, but chicken is ready to take them on and prove that it has what it takes.’