The manager of a new Subway outlet in Rochford has been forced to install a sign telling diners that they need to park their car before buying food. The measure was taken after a ‘terrifying’ incident yesterday evening when a hungry driver smashed his car through the main doors of the BP garage shop and drove straight up to the Subway counter – he calmly got out of his vehicle and ordered a 6-inch Turkey Melt. 

Subway franchise manager Roger Bielti said: ‘When I took on this franchise, the site owner promised that local drivers were aware of how this kind of store operates. In my other locations, drivers know that they need to park their cars and vans and then get out, walk inside and make a purchase, but for some reason the customer last night didn’t understand and he just drove straight up towards my terrified members of staff. I have put a sign outside so that people see it as soon as they turn in from Cherry Orchard Way.’

Mr Bielti added: ‘I am delighted with how things have gone so far here in Rochford. The speed limit on Cherry Orchard Way is 50 mph, but most people tend to stick to 20 and this is really helping to drive customers into the shop. It is great to offer something a bit different to hungry workers in the area, ands lot of drivers keep getting lost in the KFC road layout next door.’


  1. This is absolutely terrible.

    Fancy somebody actually ordering a 6″ Turkey Melt – the thought just makes me shudder.

  2. Traffic is worse these days, because of the fast food outlets on Cherry Orchard way.