A member of the public managed to catch the dramatic moment on camera when a passenger jet narrowly missed the Moon. 

According to passengers on board, EZY3421 from Amsterdam Schipol to London Southend ‘suddenly banked to one side’ – the pilot apologised for the navigational error shortly afterwards.

Passenger Michelle Garridge said: ‘Everything seemed normal, then all of a sudden the whole plane turned to one side and I could clearly see the moon along the outside of the plane.’

’I remember telling my mum who was sat next to me that he was getting a bit close to the Sea of Tranquility.’

’The skies are getting more and more crowded these days, so perhaps it’s time to move the moon to a more sensible location where it won’t hinder commercial air travel.’

’I’m astonished that Wallace managed to land there with all those comings and goings.’

A spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed that a full investigation is underway. It is unclear why the Airbus A320 was at the same altitude as the Earth’s lunar counterpart.

’Poor visibility’ has already been ruled out as a cause because the example images show clear skies all round.

Another pilot reported a near miss a few days ago after he was directed ‘dangerously close’ to what he described as a barren desert with noxious gases and a skim potential for human life to thrive.’

Although originally believed that he was approaching Saturn, flight logs have since confirmed that he was flying over Basildon.’