A man from Southend in Essex has been telling Southend News Network about how he has managed to legally avoid paying for a TV Licence while still being able to watch both live shows and catch-up content. 

Colin Poncer now wants to spread the message to other people who are ‘fed up’ with what many people feel is an unfair tax to watch telly.

He said: ‘I looked through the TV Licencing website on a number of occasions, and the message was clear – you have to have a TV Licence to watch programmes anywhere on your premises.’

‘However, it doesn’t mention the area surrounding your property, and so as an experiment I fitted a TV bracket to the outside of my lounge window so that the screen faces inwards.’

‘We can all sit inside our living room and watch TV, but technically the TV itself is outside. My terraced house faces straight onto the pavement, which makes it public communal property.’

‘The sound is connected to a Bluetooth speaker indoors, but the main unit remains off-site.’

‘I’ve had inspectors round on a number of occasions and they have now confirmed that I am not breaking the law.’

‘I would advise other people to check who owns the land directly underneath their living room window. Although my TV is technically attached to my house, the ground below is public property.’

In a late development, it emerged that another potential loophole has emerged relating to rented properties.

According to one TV viewer who wishes to remain anonymous, the term ‘your premises’ technically means that a TV licence is the responsibility of the landlord or property owner and not the tenant.

If he is successful in his upcoming court case, millions of licence holders may be owed compensation.