A Southend man howling with glee at the prospect of free movement between the UK and the EU ending in March 2019 has told Southend News Network that he plans to celebrate with a trip to Disneyland Paris a few months later. 

Darren Churchill, who lives in Fairfax Drive with his wife Chlo and their three children Nigel, Enoch and Enochina told our Chief Reporter that he was ‘delighted’ to be getting his country back.

He added that he was unclear exactly what he would be getting back, and from whom.

He said: ‘My kids are dying to go to Disneyland Paris, and what better way could there be to celebrate the end of all those EU citizens just wandering into Britain with a passport and a grin.’

‘Once we are out out, we’ll head over there for a few days of fun. £9.75 for a small Coke sounds reasonable.’

‘I know this might all sound crazy, but Britain will do so well on its own that it wouldn’t surprise me if the bosses at Disney decided to just move the whole Shebang to Kent somewhere.’

‘I’m not worried about having to get a visa as I’m sure that there will be an arrangement in place for British people to go over there.’

‘That’s the whole point in negotiating for a reciprocal agreement.’

‘The word ‘reciprocal’ means we can enjoy all of the benefits that we had before Brexit – just without all those Poles and Pakistanis turning up and nicking all our jobs.’

We asked Darren what he would do if there were any problems getting a visa before his trip.

He replied: ‘It’s cool. I have a MasterCard.’