A Southend News Network investigation team has discovered that the majority of amusement arcade toy grabber machines in the UK are RIGGED in heavily in favour of the business owner, with many people being forced to spend up to £300 before winning a toy. 

Our undercover reporter posed as a member of the public at The Golden Carpet Amusement Arcade in Southend On Sea, and his findings will disgust parents and children all over the country. 

He said: ‘I noticed that on a number of occasions the claw would grab a toy, carry it away and then drop it at the last second – it was like the claw was suffering from some sort of w*****s cramp or something like that.’

‘It kept happening again and again. The grip would start out strong like a Russian porn actress and by the time it reached the toy chute it would be as limp as someone who had just walked in on Pat Butcher getting undressed. Something didn’t add up.’

‘I also noticed that a lot of the toys were squeezed into a small area making it difficult to pick them up – it’s like the arcade owner doesn’t want people to win.’

During our investigation, we also discovered that 2p pusher machines are becoming the ‘crack cocaine’ of amusement arcade gaming for the under 10’s – one parent even told us that their seven-year-old son has spent £2500 in ONE EVENING.’

The concerned mum, who didn’t want to be named said: ‘It’s an outrage that these people are allowed to stay in business when they are just allowing kids to blow huge sums of money in 2p coins.’

‘He emptied his post office account in one transaction and put a huge wad of notes on the change counter at (arcade name removed) in Southend.’

‘They didn’t think twice about giving him a wheelbarrow of 2p coins and he just blew the lot with only a knock-off Paw Patrol keyring toy to show for his efforts.’