It must be a slow news today over at the lefty dick-waving paradise that is The Independent, because an article has been published entitled ‘If you shared any of these things on Facebook this year, it’s time to delete your account.’ We’re delighted to say that Southend News Network receives an honourable mention!

Oh no. Someone in the mainstream media is being nasty about Southend News Network – call the police! We liked their use of quotation marks for ‘satire’ – it conjures up the image of some Shoreditch fairtrade quinoa-lover in a beret putting his index fingers in the air and bending them slightly while saying the word. 

We’re big boys over at SNN. We can take a bit of constructive criticism, no bother. 

Unfortunately, the thing that we do find a little bit harder to swallow is that this hostility has come just a few short months after The Indy were singing our praises for suckering the English Defence League with a piece of, you guessed it, ‘satire.’

In fact, if you look at the article closely, you will notice that the article’s author actually shares our piece of ‘satire’ in it – surely this means that The Indy should go ahead and deactivate their own Facebook account. You really couldn’t make this sh*t up! Not even we could. 

Whoops …

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