Southend News Network can EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL what this little plastic stick does in your car or van.

A South Essex retail expert has declared that according to official statistics and research, the ‘must have’ gadget this Christmas is the indicator that can be used in the majority of cars, vans and lorries that are using roads in the area.

Charles Click, who has more than two years of experience in analysing retail and motoring trends, explained his findings to a reporter from the Southend News Network. He said, ‘Since the end of October this year, a growing number of motorists have discovered that they have a small but incredibly useful plastic stick that rests slightly to the left of their steering wheel. Depending upon whether they push it up or down, it activates a flashing light on the side of their vehicle that tells other drivers in the area about the direction in which they are most likely to proceed.’

He added, ‘We have been contacted by thousands of BMW owners who have expressed sincere gratitude towards us for making them aware of this breakthrough, and in general people are delighted about how this device is allowing them to use roundabouts without colliding with every other road user. As an example, a motorist can enter the roundabout with their right indicator flashing, before flicking over to the left indicator when they are almost at their chosen exit – this in effect allows other drivers to read their mind, and it will revolutionise driving for all.’

Since Mr Click’s report was published, a number of local garages are offering to install the gadget in time for the holidays, and the first 1000 customers to visit the Southend branch of Kwik Fit will also receive a free DVD entitled ‘Traffic Lights: What those colours really mean.’