The leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn has walked into 10 Downing Street and declared himself Prime Minister while everyone else in the Cabinet is travelling up to Manchester for the Conservative Party Conference. 

According to sources in London, Mr Corbyn just slipped in through the front door carrying a large plant while a police officer was talking to the milkman about cutting down their order for the next few days.

Shortly after making it inside unopposed, Corbyn made a speech to the nation on Facebook Live from one of the bedrooms at Number 10.

He said: ‘I said that I was ready to take over at any time, and when I noticed that everyone had popped up North for the big conference I knew that the time had come.’

’I’ve checked the Magna Carta and there’s not much that anyone can do once you gain access to Number 10.’

’It’s like your cat who assumes that he has become lord and master of the entire universe when his owners bugger off to Gran Canaria for a week.’

While Corbyn was making this speech, the soon-to-be Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell could be seen entering the room from an air vent.

Moments later, Diane Abbott crashed through a window on some sort of improvised zip wire, leaving her two colleagues in a mangled heap on the floor.

A spokesperson for Theresa May says that the Prime Minister’s Office has released the hounds, with Michael Gove on standby to ‘bore them out’ of required.’

‘Get the fuck out you nutter!’ Larry The Cat

Chief Mouser Of Downing Street Larry The Cat has been reportedly hissing at Corbyn for the last three hours while dragging his left paw backwards in a ‘litter tray’ simulation.