A 37-year-old man from Westcliff On Sea has been telling Southend News Network that he fears that he will never see his wife again after she was ‘brainwashed’ by a juice capsule cult that appears to be growing in popularity on social media.

According to Gary, his wife put a Facebook picture up about a multiple amputee who managed to grow a new set of arms and legs after taking the capsules – this convinced him that he needs to speak out.

He feels that his wife Melanie has gradually abandoned both him and their three children after their local chief rep used a combination of brainwashing methods that ‘make Scientology look like the scouts.’

Gary said: ‘It all started last year when Melanie became good friends with another local mum called (name removed for legal reasons). It soon became clear that (name removed for legal reasons) was only interested in getting her signed up as a rep, and it appeared that she already had everything that she needed to get started. We have Wi-Fi at home and she also had a dream.’

‘I asked at the time if an Ethernet connection would suffice for her, but both of them just stared at me with a scowl like I had just suggested eating a live baby or something.’

‘Within 24 hours, my wife became withdrawn and distant, and she was only able to communicate in smoothies and capsules. When she tried switching our three-week-old’s Aptamil Stage 1 Milk for ‘Banging Boosting Quinoa and Quail Superberry Blast’ she ended up on a ventilator in hospital and asked the paediatricians if she could swap her for a 10-day Detox Box.’

‘Social Services confiscated all three children at this point and I may never see them again.’

According to Gary, Melanie is hardly ever at home now due to her vast range of BossBabe duties, and when he does get to see her he alleges that she now only speaks in a bizarre combination of Aramaic and Ancient Hebrew with the occasional word of English.

He added: ‘When I told her that I refuse to become one of them, she just started chanting at me and all of the walls went black and starting weeping tears of blood. They all got together last week and crucified an Avon rep – something has to be done.’