Do you agree with this mum's £50 gift rule?

A mother from Leigh On Sea has angered parents in her son’s class at school by organising a 7th birthday party for her son Alfie and insisting that all gifts must cost a minimum of £50.

Karen De Noosh handed out the Minion-themed party invitations on Monday afternoon at the gates of Elms View Primary School in Leigh to the astonishment of other parents.

Classmate Harry Lyon’s mum Claire is disgusted by Mrs De Noosh’s behaviour, and has insisted that Harry will not go to the party until she backs down.

She said: ‘All of us feel the same way, and her demands are utterly ridiculous. There are 36 kids in the class, and all of them have been invited to the party – as you can imagine there are so many parties each year that it is impossible to buy really expensive gifts every time!’

‘That greedy bitch will be the one explaining to her poor little boy when nobody turns up to his party.’

We caught up with Mrs De Noosh, a self-employed tanning salon entrepreneur whose husband Jeremiah Leviathan De Noosh works in London as a commodities trader. She is adamant that she has made the right decision.’

She said: ‘I am tired of buying nice presents for all of Alfie’s friends and then getting gifts in return that one would expect to uncover in a happy meal! I don’t think that a £50 minimum gift value is unreasonable, and there are some real bargains to be had out there.’

‘Also, I think that the parents can use this as an opportunity to take their kids to the shops and teach them all about the value of money and getting a bargain.’

She added: ‘I was considering just making a gift list that you could find at a wedding or engagement party, but I didn’t want people to think that we are a pretentious family. I have suggested this service to Waitrose staff at their London Road branch.’


  1. Oh my, £50 I am glad my kids not at that school, here a tenner is what most get if lucky, so that kid has 32 class mates so he would receive £1600 in presents, can I have mine in cash please, no wonder kids are the way they are with parents like that

  2. Seriously, that’s $100 or more over here, no way would I buy some little brat a present worth that much. The only reason she buys expensive presents when her son gets invited to a party is to say, “Look at me” I can afford this and you can’t. Get a grip woman or your kid is going to find himself with no friends.Oh, and tanning salons are banned over here, they cause skin cancer you know.