A number of residents in Leigh On Sea have been expressing their excitement after it was announced that Britain’s first ever mains supply of Perrier sparkling mineral water will be installed in the town. By the end of 2017, virtually every property in the area will be able to subscribe for a monthly fee, and the beverage giant has huge plans to expand the supply network to other areas of the country.

Leviathan Montrose-Nash, owner of swanky Leigh restaurant Le Pamplemousse Confondu, has been leading the campaign to get the town connected to a mains supply of premium-brand sparkling water. He said: ‘This is fantastic news for Leigh On Sea. It can sometimes be near-impossible to obtain bottled Perrier during periods of warmer weather, and residents of the town will be able to access an unmetered supply for around £80 per month – this is a real game changer.’

However, it has now emerged that there are a number of people who are very unhappy with the news that Leigh will be getting a mains supply of the French carbonated drink. Furious local resident Peter De Noosh said: ‘The people of this town have been crying out for a mains supply of San Pellegrino since 2006, and now we find out that Perrier are muscling in. Perrier is just too obvious and 20th Century to be taken seriously, while San Pellegrino is a bohemian beverage that the people of this town deserve.’