A spokesperson for Lionel Blair has confirmed that the 84-year-old entertainer has been forced to go into hiding today after he was accidentally blamed for the entire 2003 Iraq War in the Chilcott Report. The publisher has blamed a ‘computer error’ for the mix-up, but as it stands every printed and online copy of the report carries the singer and dancer’s name.

Adrian Fingo is in charge of the Chilcott Panel Publication Division, and he has issued a sincere apology this afternoon. He said: ‘It would appear that one of our work experience employees has been tampering with Microsoft Word’s autocorrect function, but it is a common problem at our level of government. We hope that Mr Blair will be able to come out of hiding soon.’

It isn’t the first time that an autocorrect error has caused difficulties after an enquiry. The actor Rowan Atkinson still has a 24-hour team of bodyguards around him after a disgruntled FBI typist named ‘Mr Bean’ 465 times in a report about the 9/11 attacks – the fictional character’s name was exchanged for every mention of ‘Islamic fundamentalists.’ More concerning, 64% of schoolchildren in Slovenia still believe that Mr Tumble was solely responsible for starting World War 1 after a textbook mistranslation.