A spokesperson for Liverpool FC has defended the club’s decision to sell a keyring depicting the multiple murderer Dr Harold Shipman in their club shop at Anfield and on their various online retail outlets.

The product was first spotted online by a Twitter user called ste_routledge.


Speaking exclusively to Southend News Network, Liverpool’s Retail Development Director Winnie Fuqual said that the keyring was produced to help reaffirm the club’s commitment to being a ‘team of history.’

She added: ‘When you say Liverpool FC to anyone, no matter what corner of the world you are in, they will always reply with the same comment: ‘They won something once, didn’t they?’

‘There is simply no other club out there with our history – in fact I can safely say that we have the greatest history in history, and therefore we have developed our range of merchandise to reflect a variety of personalities from both our footballing tradition and the world of notorious serial killers.’

‘Within the next three weeks, to accompany the Dr Harold Shipman keyring, we will also be introducing the Steve McManaman worktop banana stand, the Jan Molby ironing board and the Fred West cafetière set.

We asked one Liverpool fan if he agreed with the club’s slightly odd merchandising policy.

He said: ‘This year is definitely our year, even more so since we recently completed the signing of Southampton.’

‘I am aware that I said the same thing at the start of last season and the season before, but I really mean it this time. Just look at our history for one thing.’

‘Oh wait, what were you asking about a keyring?’