Residents and business owners in Southend have demanded an ‘immediate enquiry’ after a branch of Costa Coffee was allowed to open next door to another branch of Costa Coffee. 

A number of people expressed their shock when the doors opened on the High Street early on Tuesday morning, and officials within Southend Borough Council have promised that the planning application was processed through ‘all of the appropriate channels.’

Steven Cartello of the Southend Commercial Betterment Area organisation told our Chief Reporter that the ‘pair of Costas’ are all about giving shoppers the best possible choice. 

He added: ‘Sometimes even the most ardent fans of Costa Coffee fancy an alternative, and the good news is that they will be able to find another branch just fifteen yards away.’

‘When we assisted with the planning application from Costa, we made it clear to the local officials in charge that rejecting the proposal could lead to a phone case shop or e-cigarette outlet filling the gap – that sh*t them up real bad.’

‘SCBA is all about turning Southend into an attractive proposition for shoppers and businesses alike. We cannot afford for the town centre to become a commercial wasteland.’
‘We sent a team to Canvey Island yesterday and they didn’t come across a single Costa Coffee. They remarked that it was like visiting Aleppo.’