A spokesperson for London Underground has confirmed that the Metropolitan Line will be renamed the FARAGE LINE in 2019. 

The move is set to honour the ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who is seen by many as the man who led the United Kingdom to a majority Leave vote in the 2016 EU referendum.

The Tube’s Operations Commissioner Rick Grimer told our Chief Reporter that the decision had been taken after ‘top level talks’ had taken place between London transport bosses, politicians and Her Majesty’s Honours Committee.

He added: ‘We we’re approached by representatives of Her Majesty The Queen in March if this year to discuss the possibility of renaming an existing London Underground line after Nigel Farage.’

‘At the time of our meeting, they made it clear that a traditional honour wouldn’t be appropriate for political reasons, but they had decided that a less orthodox honour would be more suitable for this situation.’

‘We consulted with Nigel’s people at this stage, and we all concluded that the Metropolitan Line would be the perfect choice as it is one of the longest lines our network.’

‘Our original offer of the Waterloo and City line was rejected – Nigel drives a hard bargain!’

‘All of the work should be completed by October 2019 as trains and signage will need to be refreshed.’

‘There will also be extensive work carried out at Baker Street to install Farage mosaics on all Met Line platforms.’

A member of the newly-formed Farage Line Team confirmed that the politician will be honoured at an opening ceremony for the new line.

In a further development, it has also been announced that the ex-Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg will be honoured for his services to the previous coalition government.

According to a leaked email that has been shown to Southend News Network, the disused branch of the Piccadilly Line between Holborn and Aldwych will be renamed the Clegg Spur.