Someone who you probably haven’t spoken to on Facebook or in real life for SIX YEARS is currently asking you and everyone else on his friends list to sponsor him for something or other. 

Giles Woodwork, 33, has already set up a Justgiving page to make it as quick and easy as possible to sponsor him – he hopes to raise £20,000 for cats with cat autism. 

Speaking to Southend News Network, Giles admitted that he has no problems whatsoever approaching people who he hasn’t bothered to speak to since 2010 or earlier. 

He said: ‘Facebook is a great way to raise money for my sponsored event. I have more than 300 friends on there after all.’

‘I find that a passive-aggressive demand for money is the perfect ice-breaker when I have kept quiet during their own minor life events like births, weddings and bereavements – my chosen cause is better than all the others out there after all.’

‘It’s not a problem if they don’t donate straightaway, and I can always repeat my posts between 10 and 20 times a day.’

‘I can also post my Justgiving link directly onto everyone else’s News Feed as well so that friends of friends are able to sponsor me.’

‘I am passionate about helping cats with autism as every cat that I have ever owned has suffered from it. It’s nearly impossible to get a vet to diagnose it, but my £20,000 will go towards a purpose-built feline facility in Southend.’

‘Setting such a high fundraising target will make people donate even more money as they will be super-impressed by my enthusiasm.’