The Brandenburg gate in Berlin at night.

A man visiting the German town of Bad Honnef has been describing his shock after discovering that people in Germany speak German and not English even though the country lost the Second World War. 

According to Dave, he was expecting the entire nation to have changed from German to English overnight on the day the Second World War in Europe finished because that’s how linguistics and conflict work.

He added: ‘I walked up to a hot dog stall in the town square and said ‘gissa ‘ot dog mate, ta’ and he just looked at me like I was from another planet.’

’I remember a guy back home holding a copy of Guns and Ammo in WH Smiths and wearing a t-shirt saying ‘Respect Are Vetrans’ telling me that we could have easily been speaking German if it wasn’t for old soldiers, so I couldn’t believe it.’

’What was the point in winning the war if we just allowed carried on with their own words?’

’This country’s gone to the dogs.’