Person voting

A number of newly-registered voters have contacted Southend News Network this evening to say that a glitch has led to them being allocated TEN VOTES in the June 8th general election instead of one. 

It appears that tonight’s midnight deadline for new voter registrations has put a huge amount of pressure on the Electoral Commission’s IT systems, and it seems that the glitch is mainly affecting under 25’s – a move that could give Labour a huge advantage.

Support for Labour is huge in this particular age bracket.

Jemima Floater-Feltch, a 19-year-old student from South Wakering, told our Chief Reporter that she had received ten separate confirmation emails with different voter registration numbers on.

She added: ‘I only decided to register to vote after being inspired by a speech by Jeremy Corbyn, and I intend to use this error to my advantage.’

‘As long as I leave an hour between trips to the polling station, it is likely that nobody will pick up on the mistake as they will be swamped all day long anyway.’

Another Labour activist anonymously told us that the system has been accepting ‘any old names’ providing that the address is correct.

He said: ‘I’ve already received 18 unique voter numbers with names including Spongebob Squarepants, Sir Nigel Fuckitty and Roger Firmly.’

‘The best thing about this is that everyone voting Tory or UKIP is already registered to vote as they are all old and shit.’

‘The Lib Dems probably won’t gain from this glitch either as most of their supporters have amnesia and forgot to register anyway.’