A microwave with depression has been sensationally cured by turning it on its side. 

4-year-old Morphy Richards microwave Nigel from Fairfax Drive in Southend had been struggling for a number of months with the illness, but his owner Russell Hobbs discovered that his appliance’s outlook on life was immediately improved by rotating him 90 degrees.

He said: ‘Nigel’s been a bit down in the dumps ever since I smashed his plate as it’s been difficult to get a replacement.’

‘I have told him to cheer up lately on a number of occasions, but for some reason this didn’t make him feel better.’

‘I didn’t really want to shell out for the services of an experienced kitchen appliance psychologist, so as a last resort I tried turning him on his side.’

‘The results were immediate, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was.’

‘I can’t really cook anything in him at the moment, but I’ve definitely noticed a renewed zest and enthusiasm in his ping.’

‘Every morning I see his deep, beaming smile and it makes me feel like I have really achieved something with my life.’

‘A few people in my family suffer with depression as well, so I’m going to visit them one by one and lay them all down on the floor.’

‘If that doesn’t improve their outlook on life, I have no idea what will.’

‘My sister-in-law is recovering in hospital after snapping her leg in three places – I think I’ll give her a ring and ask if she has tried walking it off.’