Millions of Londoners have been left without electricity this evening after the National Grid reported that a massive failed power shift occurred just before 3pm on Saturday afternoon.

The latest reports from their engineering team have confirmed that a sub-station along the Seven Sisters Road in the north of the Capital has failed completely.

However, witnesses at the scene have told Southend News Network that the sub-station exploded into a huge ‘ball of flames,’ and a chain reaction has left much of London without power.

Andy Frazzlington from National Grid UK spoke to our Chief Reporter earlier to give more details.

He said: ‘For the last six weeks, our statistics have shown that there would be a huge shift in power demand from the Finsbury Park area towards Edmonton and Tottenham, and everything was going to plan thanks to expert management of our grid supplies at a local and regional level.’

‘Unfortunately, an ERE (Expectation Reversal Event) took place on Saturday afternoon just off the Holloway Road, and our emergency rectification procedure was activated.’

‘As the Seven Sisters Road sub-station is London’s nominated Power Shift Regulator, it tried its best to handle the sudden power shift and failed completely.’

‘We can only apologise to all of the inconvenienced and heartbroken public of North London who are now without power.’

Laniel Devy has been campaigning for better power shift regulation in London since 1995, and he said: ‘Once again the people in my part of North London have built up an almost deluded sense that the scheduled power shift will happen without any problems.’

‘I have been assured that more than £500m has been spent to try and stop these failures, and still we are all left in tears on an annual basis.’