Mog The Cat has been forced into hiding by cruel and vicious online trolls after she received thousands of abusive messages from people mistaking her for the anti-abortion Conservative leadership candidate Jacob Rees-Mogg.

According to her owners Mr and Mrs Thomas, she hasn’t been seen since 8am on Friday morning, and they have already checked the other eight houses where she usually gets fed.

Through a mutual contact, Southend News Network’s Chief Reporter has managed to speak with Mog.

She said: ‘I hold myself partially responsible as before I deactivated my Twitter account my username was @TheRealMogg – I made a typo as it is bloody difficult to type without thumbs.’

‘I first realised that something was wrong a few days ago when I was in the middle of sticking my tongue up my nunny and all of a sudden I saw a Twitter notification about rape and abortion with some horrible language.’

‘Normally the only messages I get are about Whiskas and the best place to bury a turd, so naturally I was really shocked and taken aback by this.’

‘I decided to just ignore it and sleep on it for 18 hours, and by the time I woke up I noticed more than 5000 tweets from angry people who seem to be mistaking me for someone else.’

‘I don’t even wear wanky little SS officer glasses – the tweets baffled me.’

‘I’m too scared to go out now just in case I accidentally get put in charge of the Conservative Party.’

A spokesperson for the local police force said: ‘We are investigating a complaint of online harassment that has been made by a member of the public.’

‘We would encourage Twitter users to ensure that they have got Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Twitter handle 100% correct before sending sickening and shouty abuse.’