A spokesperson for the European Commission has confirmed that the nation of Montenegro has been refused membership of the European Union until the country’s leaders choose a ‘less racist’ name.

In a pre-prepared statement on Tuesday evening, EU minister for national accession Jean-Claude Danfangler said that although the country was ‘making great progress’ in terms of their qualifying criteria, there is still a ‘huge potential’ for the name to upset people across the continent because it includes the word ‘negro.’

He added: ‘Although it is clear that the country has a legitimate right to call themselves ‘Montenegro’ because of their nation’s ‘black mountain’ element, it is the conclusion of the EU’s Warsaw Accession of Nations Committee that people of African origin from across the EU may take offence from the presence of the ‘negro’ element.’

‘We see no reason why they couldn’t perhaps change it to ‘Montetačka’ – this is the local term for ‘pointy mountain.’

‘This would make their name EU-compliant while also allowing the proud people to retain their national heritage.’

The decision has predictably been met with a lot of anger in Montenegro itself, and the nation’s cultural minister Slobodan Scratchanic told our Chief Reporter that it was ‘an outrage.’

He added: ‘They allowed Hungary to join, even though the first half of their name is an alternative way of saying that a male has an incredibly large penis.’

‘There is nothing in the Copenhagen Criteria about the name of a country and how it can affect membership.’

‘If our nation was called The People’s Republic of Fuckytitwank-Pissflaps then Juncker and his friends would be well within their rights to block access.’

‘We could always use the real colour of our mountains instead, but Monteverdi sounds like a brand of tinned peaches you would find in Lidl.’