A spokesperson for Mothercare has confirmed that their Summer 2016 range will include a ‘revolutionary’ new car seat that doesn’t require a degree in engineering to be able to secure it safely in a vehicle. According to the retailing giant, the Facilo infant carrier can be fitted into most cars in under an hour, and it is hoped that the seat will help to reduce the UK’s 43,000 annual reported incidents of assault with an infant accessory.

Mothercare’s head of seat development Marvin Knott said: ‘Some of the car seats that are on the market are incredibly safe, but they can take hours or even weeks to fit properly. When kids are then given to grandparents for the day, many of them are so used to just throwing kids in the boot like the good old days that they try and cut corners with putting the seat in their own car – some of them simply wrap the seat belt over the top. We have to remember that many peopl don’t have a degree in engineering, so the new Facilo seat is a real game changer.’

David Cartell of the UK Infant Car Seat Federation, an organisation representing all of the major manufacturers, said that this was excellent news – however he urged parents to proceed with care due to upcoming changes in the rules around infant car carriers. He said: ‘The Facilo is great news for busy parents, but people should bear in mind that UK laws about safe car seats are going to change within 2016 as sales are beginning to decline. It turns out that whatever was safe last week now isn’t safe for one reason or another, and so we are developing a number of meaningless and scientific sounding kite marks and legislation numbers especially for the 2017 range of seats.’


  1. What tosh.

    Car seats are so easy to fit that a child of 5 could do it.

    When I need to fit my child seat I just get my next door neighbours kids to do it.