The clothing store George has been dragged into a new sexism row today after a 36-year-old mum from Southend accused the Asda-owned chain of ‘discriminating against boys’ by advertising that their bras are aimed at girls.

According to ‘disgusted’ mum of three Michelle Garridge, the fact that George stocks their bras and other lingerie in the ‘girls’ section of the store sends out a ‘harmful’ message to boys who may be confused about their sexuality.

Speaking to our Chief Reporter, she said: ‘When boys reach that age just before puberty in their early teens, it is an incredibly confusing time for them, so how on earth are they going to react when they walk into George and see so many bras and other similar undergarments that are aimed at girls?’

‘To make matters worse, when I was in my local store in Shoeburyness last week I noticed that one of them had the label ‘Girls Training Bra’ – this is pigeonholing of the worst possible kind.’

‘If I was a confused and curious boy of that age who wanted to explore all possibilities when it came to sexual orientation, I would want to be able to walk into George knowing that I would be catered for no matter what.’

‘Instead, I would be forced to shop for a bra in the girls area. Would it be so difficult for George to stock bras in the boys area as well?’

‘Asda should be ashamed of themselves, and I have written to their head office and demanded an immediate change in their policy that will market bras to both genders.’