A mum from Southend has been describing her anger after a talking litter bin in the town’s High Street told her two-year-old son to ‘f**k off.’

A number of ‘futuristic’ litter bins have been installed on Southend High Street to try and cut down on littering by providing inspirational messages to people who throw rubbish inside, but a ‘technical issue’ has been blamed for one bin in the town centre telling ‘distraught’ toddler Alfie Garnitt to ‘f**k off.’

His mum Elsie said: ‘We were walking down the High Street and he had just finished a Calippo, so I told him to go and throw the empty container into one of those new blue bins.’

‘He liked the bin at first as it was the same colour as Mr Tumble’s scarf, and he ran over there excitedly.’

‘I was really pleased to see this as I am trying to teach him about how to be a responsible young man when it comes to keeping our planet clean.’

‘However, as soon as he threw the rubbish into the bin, I heard a little voice bellow ‘f**k off with the cardboard will you mate.’

‘I thought that I must have been hearing things at first, and so I chucked my empty Orangina bottle in there and it said: ‘stick glass up your sh*tter as well sweetheart.’

‘I have reported this to the council, and ever since then changing his nappy has been impossible as he keeps screaming ‘nothing wrong with my sh*tter mummy, now f**k off.’

‘I’m dreading his first day at nursery.’

A spokesperson for ParloBin UK, the company who installed the bins, said that there had been a ‘technical issue’ when the recordings were produced in their Chinese factory.

He said: ‘We asked our development team to create polite messages that would remind people how cardboard and glass should be taken elsewhere to be recycled, and we gave them a design brief to say that the phrases should be ‘native and authentic to Southend.’

‘Upon further investigation, it now appears that a team came over from Guangzhou last month and spent three hours recording natural conversations on Southend Seafront. We are having these recordings updated as a matter of urgency.’

We sent a reporter to Southend High Street to try the bin again, and after inserting an empty can of San Pellegrino Limonata it said: ‘Piss off to Leigh and recycle me there you poncy tw*t.’