A mum from Southend On Sea in Essex admitted that she was DISGUSTED after she spotted a Mercedes with an obscene and sexually explicit number plate while driving around the local countryside.

According to Michelle Garridge, a 31 year old mother of two, she was following a car on Sunday afternoon when suddenly she noticed that the number plate read ‘T1T W4NK,’ which is the process of a male pleasuring himself by inserting his erect manhood between two breasts of a partner.

She said: ‘My son is only six, and as soon as he saw the plate he started spelling it out using phonics like he has been practicing at school.’

‘After about thirty seconds, he just blurted out ‘Mummy. What’s a tit w*nk?’

‘I was forced to think on my feet and I told him that it was a type of small bird, but he repeated it at school on Monday and now I have been called in to see the headteacher.’

‘It is disgusting that the DVLA have allowed this number plate to pass through their system, especially as that other plate got cancelled a few months ago because it spelled out ‘JIHAD.’

‘What are we saying here? You can’t reference Islamic terrorism but it’s perfectly acceptable to describe this form of alternative sexual pursuit?’

‘Mercedes should be subject to the same laws and regulations as every other car on the road.’

A spokesperson for the DVLA said: ‘We would like to thank Miss Garridge for bringing this matter to our attention.’

‘One of our representatives is now in contact with the plate’s owner to try and come up with an alternative that conveys the same sentiments without straying into indecency.’