A mum has slammed a ‘disgusting’ toilet roll dispenser at Southend Hospital because it looks like ‘a pair of boobs.’

According to Michelle Garridge who was taking her three-year-old son Bipi for an outpatient appointment, the holder is ‘inappropriate’ for a facility where so many children visit.

She added: ‘Ever since we used the toilet, he has been asking me why there was a pair of ‘boo boos’ in there, and he even tried latching on at one point.’

’I will be writing to my MP as a matter of urgency.’

A spokesperson for Southend Hospital confirmed that a complaint has been received.

She said: ‘We have been informed that a number of male toilet users have been spending a lot of time in the cubicles, but we assumed it was because we have recently upgraded the Wi-Fi downstairs.’

’However after we turned it off as a precaution, we found that men were still taking an average of 17 minutes per visit.’

’One user was even overheard humming the ‘muscle man’ song from Opportunity Knocks.’

’We have been forced to install the dual dispensers to save on maintenance and cleaning costs – we previously received at least three ‘code red’ phone calls per day from users in distress.’

Local resident Dan Whummer said: ‘I can’t see what all the fuss is about – there’s nothing wrong with it.’

’When I forget my smartphone in there, I just have to squint a bit and it gets the job done.’

A survey of 100 male nurses at Southend revealed that 45 have had a ‘golden shuffle’ while on duty in the toilets at some point.