A mum from Southend in Essex has threatened legal action against a restaurant after her three-year-old son CHOKED on a small restaurant burger flag that had the words ‘eat me’ on it. 

According to Isabella Trachiani, 25, her son Berlusconi ordered the kids burger from Leigh Burger Boogie, and he was instantly fascinated by the flag that was holding the bun and patty together.

She told Southend News Network that he thought he was being told to eat the flag, and seconds later he began to choke.

She added: ‘I’m disgusted that the restaurant printed those words on the flag.’

’How the hell is a toddler supposed to realise that the instruction is referring to the burger?’

’He started choking and gasping for breath, and as soon as someone performed the Heimlich manœuvre on him the flag shot out pointy end first and hit an old lady in the eye.’

’She had to go to hospital for treatment. It flew at her faster than a Raymond Van Barneveld special.’

We asked Mrs Trachiani why she is threatening legal action.

She said: ‘I believe that the restaurant has acted in a way that has endangered my child’s life.’

’Why can’t the flag just say ‘eat this’ instead? The current wording just isn’t airtight from a legal perspective.’

Berlusconi’s father Luca added: ‘I went to a bar last week and there was a sign on the door saying ‘Pull’ so I started chatting to this 19-year-old called Becky.’

’The Mrs can’t say a word. I was only following instructions.’