A discussion on a popular Facebook group for mums has concluded that it’s all his fault, regardless of the evidence and any sort of logical thought process involved. 

Earlier today, local mum Charlotte Name-Othername posted about her ex-boyfriend doing or not doing something or other, and it emerged shortly after that he must be a total bastard. 

She met our Chief Reporter earlier today. 

Ms Name-Othername added: ‘He doesn’t have access to this Facebook group so I can basically  say whatever I want and get 100 like-minded individuals to justify my bullshit.’

‘I am delighted to say that I have received a huge amount of support in the last couple of hours, and I am still wading through hundreds of emojis too.’

‘The best thing about this is that if all of this does go to court there is absolutely no chance of a contempt case or a mistrial as the Facebook group is closed and members-only.’

A spokesperson for Essex Police confirmed that Ms Name-Othername’s ex-boyfriend has been arrested and charged, with the CPS taking screen grabs of the mums’ group and building a case.