Chloe and her 18-month-old daughter Natasha, who will now have to be taught at home.

A young mum from Southend has been telling Southend News Network about how she has been left feeling ‘upset and outraged’ after her 18-month-old daughter was BANNED from her nursery for allegedly calling a member of staff a ‘C**T.’

Chloe Dipshil’s daughter Natasha joined Tumble and Rumble Nursery in Cliff Street back in July, and Ms Dipshil assumed that everything was going well until she received a phone call on Tuesday afternoon to say that Natasha was waiting in the office to be collected due to a ‘serious incident.’

She said: ‘They wouldn’t give me any details over the phone, and so I rushed to the nursery in a state of panic about what had happened. When I arrived, they took me into the office and told me that Natasha had been taken out of the play area because she referred to her key worker as a ‘C**T.’

‘I just sat there in a stunned silence. I have never used that word at home, and I am very careful to only watch TV programmes that have a complete lack of swearing in them. She called her key worker into the office, and as soon as she walked in Natasha just said it again – three times.’

‘I started crying at this point, and the nursery manager told me that she had no alternative but to suspend Natasha immediately until she stops using that word. How am I supposed to teach her without repeating the word again?’

‘The only explanation that I can think of is that she has heard the word being used by members of the public in Southend and picked it up. As we walked home after the meeting, we kept hearing that word and a few others over and over again from mums and dads walking their kids down Southend High Street – it’s disgusting that nobody is stopping them and my own child is now being deprived of an education because of it.’

We contacted Tumble and Rumble Nursery about this incident, and the nursery manager Cathy Fuccombe insisted that the senior management team had been left with no alternative. She pointed out that ‘public swearing’ in Southend has become commonplace.

One of our reporters spent 60 minutes walking up and down Southend High Street with a sensitive audio recording device this morning to see if parents swearing really is such an issue, and the results were shocking.

The swear words recorded by our reporter in JUST ONE HOUR on Southend High Street.
The swear words recorded by our reporter in JUST ONE HOUR on Southend High Street. One use of ‘C**K’ has been deducted as a young couple were discussing going to eat at The Cock Inn – a pub/restaurant in Rochford.

Our reporter said that some of the sentences that he heard were ‘beyond belief’:

  • ‘You’re not getting your f*****g dummy back, it’s a stupid habit to grow up with.’
  • ‘What’s all this shared space b******s. Do I cross now? F**k knows.’
  • ‘Just what this town needs, a f*****g phone case shop.’
  • ‘Stop f*****g calling your little sister a little c**t.’
  • ‘Look at the t**s on her. Your mum never wears tops like that anymore. Can you ask her to? It would sound better coming from you.’

A Southend Borough Council official confirmed that they were aware of ‘noise pollution’ issues on the High Street. Naomi Cuss-Hampton is Director of Public Safety and Engagement, and she told Southend News Network that our report will lead to ‘harsh action’ being taken against offenders.

She said: ‘I am going to push through a proposal to get every CCTV camera in Southend Town Centre fitted with hi-tech microphones to ensure that any foul and abusive language is picked up. A team of transcription specialists will be based in our current control room, and in conjunction with the police we will have the resources to chase offenders and fine them.’

‘A number of Southend residents have gotten away with having major arguments in public and calling each other every name under the sun for way too long – some of these people even have children or Staffie Terriers with them at the time who could be seriously affected by this sort of behaviour.’