A mum from Southend has been describing her disgust and outrage to Southend News Network after she unpacked a new kids tablecloth for her daughter and discovered the phrase ‘Kangaroo Love Juice’ on it. 

According to 26-year-old Melanie Cloonge, her daughter Maisybell-Nash, 3, instantly read the phrase and started running around the room while shouting it repeatedly.

She said: ‘I ordered the vinyl tablecloth from Amazon to try and add a bit of colour at mealtimes, but I was disgusted to read ‘Kangaroo Love Juice’ on there.’

‘My daughter is very advanced for her age, and she read it and just kept repeating it.’

‘Because of Amazon’s negligence, I now have a little girl who is obsessed with shouting a euphemism for kangaroo semen, and I am getting some very awkward stares in supermarkets.’

‘One of the mums at playgroup has even reported me to social services as she is convinced that there is some kind of bestiality thing going on at home.’

‘If Amazon isn’t prepared to offer compensation I will be seeking legal advice on the matter.’

‘We took her to a cafe on the Seafront yesterday, and when the lady asked her what juice she wanted everyone did a double take.’

This isn’t the first time that the retailer has been in the news for supplying an inappropriate kids’ product.

Thousands of parents have complained after purchasing a copy of ‘That’s Not My Princess’ after one page had the phrase ‘That’s Not My Princess, her fan is too fluffy’ – this page is explicit when read out loud in most regional accents.