Construction work on a new IKEA store in Southend On Sea, Essex has been put on hold after building staff working on the site discovered that an essential Allen key was missing.

Shortly before 9am on Tuesday morning, the foreman at the Fairfax Drive site called an immediate halt to all operations and notified IKEA’s head office that building work would have to be placed on hold until a replacement is sent out.

A source on the site told Southend News Network that the Allen key was ‘definitely not lost in the packaging somewhere.’

He added: ‘The new store was delivered in kit form on Monday evening, and it took us about 12 hours to unbox everything.’

‘We laid everything out on the floor to make sure that everything was present before we started.’

‘However, all of a sudden it became clear that one of the Allen keys had been missed out.’

‘We checked all of the cardboard and polystyrene just in case, but it definitely wasn’t there.’

‘To make matters even more strange, we had 4,435,432 6mm screws, when the paperwork made it clear that there should have only been 4,435,430.’

With the store not due to open until November 2017, workers on the site have been surprised to see that a queue of shoppers has already started to form.

Michelle Garridge, a 24 year old mum of three, said: ‘I want to be first in line on the day that the shop opens as I heard that they will be selling a Fäniflap Sofa Bed for £39.’