The owner of famous Southend nightclub INEBRIA has been talking to Southend News Network about his venue’s annual New Year’s Eve party – he is inviting revellers from all over the area to pay £25 to get in and then to drink £15 beers until they get in a fight and bleed everywhere.

Iranian businessman Anthony Sirohseez believes that this year’s ‘New Year Messy Mess’ will be the nightspot’s best celebration to date, and he told our Chief Reporter that guests can expect an experience that they will never forget.

He said: ‘While most venues would usually play the chimes of Big Ben and Auld Lang Syne at the big moment, we will just belt out ‘Ace Of Spades’ by Motorhead and encourage everyone who is caught up in any kind of romantic disagreement to knock seven shades of sh*t out of whoever they see fit.’

‘We will also have a separate area for any couples who want to scream at each other with appalling levels of grammar.’

‘Our photographers will be wandering around the club all evening to get lots of photos with people holding drinks or pulling faces to make themselves look like total f*cking idiots.’

‘We will instantly share them on the INEBRIA Facebook page so that anyone featured can tag themselves so their friends and family can see them holding drinks or pulling faces to make themselves look like total f*cking idiots.’

‘This is also a great opportunity to remind our customers that we have a zero tolerance approach to any kind of drug usage. They can consume alcoholic beverages until they are no longer able to feel their own teeth, but Christ help them if we see them doing a line in the toilets.’

Southend student Natasha Jugs-Smith, 18, told Southend News Network that she is ‘incredibly excited’ about her first visit to a nightclub for INEBRIA’s New Year’s Eve event.’

She said: ‘I’ve always wondered what it would be like to blow a week’s salary in a single night, get vomited on and then remember nothing of it for the rest of my life. It’s going to be a messy one, yep, that’s what we all need to be aiming for in life, messy.’